Winter Storm Warning Trout Fishing

Not knowing a winter storm warning was in effect, my good friend Dustin Wichterman and I hit some high country West Virginia trout streams.  We fished two separate drainages and did pretty well considering the air temperature hovered in the mid twenties.  We mainly fished near spring seeps where the water was a little warmer and aside from some sketchy road conditions, we had a successful day.

West VirginiaTo my back, everything drains into the Potomac and eventually flows out through Chesapeake Bay.  In front of me, everything drains to the Cheat River and eventually winds up in the Mississippi River and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico.

West Virginia brook troutThere is nothing quite like sneaking up on a pool that you know has a couple willing brook trout in it.

West Virginia brook trout 1

randolph county west virginia

We hit some bigger water around lunch time.

West virginia brown trout

I managed to catch a couple browns by dragging nymphs on the bottom.  This was the bigger of the two.


Here is one of the browns with my rubber leg nymph firmly stuck in his upper lip.  I did a tying video a few weeks ago on this pattern.  It works.  Video LINK

Randolph county wv

After lunch we headed over to a brook trout stream in the Potomac drainage.  It was flowing cold but we still managed to pick up a couple fish.  If you look at the top left of the pour over, you can see the blue handle of my GoPro stick.

gopro fish

wv brook trout 4We managed to get a few still shots of some underwater brook trout.

korker wading boots

By the time we finished, the sun was starting to go down and the temperature had dropped to about 20 degrees.  A thick layer of ice had accumulated on my waders and boots on the walk home, making an eerie creaking sound that in some way, felt satisfying.  In all, it was a great day to be alive and outside and I kind of felt sorry for fair weather fishermen that do not get to experience days like this even if it is self imposed.  The number of days I have on this earth is a finite amount.  I’m just trying to not to be wasteful.