Wildgame Innovations Crew Makes a Move to Network TV

The Busbice family from Wildgame Innovations have struck a deal with A&E and will premier their new show Country Buck$ on November 19.  In the same vein as Duck Dynasty, the show follows around multimillionaire “rednecks” on the family’s 55,000 acre high fenced ranch in Louisiana.

Most people that hunt are already aware that these guys own Wildgame Innovations and star in the Outdoor Channel show Wildgame Nation.  What people might not be aware of is how they acquired their vast fortune and it wasn’t from selling deer feed and trail cameras.  The patriarch, Bill Busbice Jr. was a founder of a very successful trucking business in Louisiana. Wildgame Innovations wasn’t founded until 2002 after Big Bill got out of the trucking business.  Bill is also politically well connected having served as the chairman of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

The Busbice clan are a polarizing bunch.  People either seem to love them or hate them and they’ve had their share of controversy.  Since purchasing the 55,000 acre tract of land the A&E show revolves around, they’ve erected an 8 foot fence that has at least one small landowner locked out of their own land.  Local resident Michael Atkins even filed a lawsuit against Busbice and his holding company Six C Properties for fencing a 10 acre plot he owns.  Two others filed a lawsuit for false arrest after they were arrested for allegedly trespassing.  There’s also rumblings about the property value being under assessed on purpose to lower the property tax burden and some semi shady dealings about getting government money to repave the road to the property while more deserving road repairs are put on the back burner.  The following links explain things a little more in depth.  LINK  LINK

So what about the show?  It will probably be terrible.  I can’t really say because it’s not been debuted yet, but I’d hazard a guess and say it will be like Duck Dynasty except more redeckery by much less endearing characters.  Here is why this is a problem.  This is mainstream America’s view into the world of hunting and we’re going to be portrayed poorly.  All sportsman aren’t ignorant dipshits but this is most certainly how the A&E cameras will portray us.  By using a successful formula and ramping up the antics, A&E is hoping to cash in again like they did with Duck Dynasty.  Hopefully it will get cancelled before the sport we all know and love is dragged through the mud and we all get painted with the idiot redneck brush.