What not to do…

Just a little followup from my post the other day.  Here is a perfect example of what not to do.  Nothing about our setup was conducive to videoing.  Killing turkeys, yes, but filming it, not so much.  There were three of us and camera equipment in a blind that comfortably held two people with no camera equipment.  My dad and I had each shot a bird about an hour before and we were kicked back having a chew and telling lies when a gobbler appeared out of nowhere and cut across in front of the blind.  I got on the gun and our buddy Jim got the camera turned on and maneuvered it into position and got the kill shot.

Here’s where the problems start.  From Jim’s seat in the cramped blind, he had to kick the tripod up on two legs so he could see out the window.  Shaky shaky shaky.   The second problem was overexposure.  See how washed out it looks?  That’s because the last time the camera was rolling, it was over an hour previous just after it got light enough to shoot.  I had the iris set almost wide open, letting in as much light as possible in the dim early morning conditions.   In the rush, Jim never adjusted the iris to account for the bright sunlight and it let too much light in, overexposing the footage. Always check your exposure and make sure it’s not too bright.  Even if it is too dark, you can lighten it when you edit.  You can’t, however, darken it.  Lesson learned.