West Virginia Day 2

High wind and rain greeted me in the woods this morning.  I heard one gobble at 6:15.  That was it.  One gobble on his own.  Not hearing anything else and lacking another course of action, I set up on a high point where I figured the bird would be loafing around through the morning.  Nothing until 11 o”clock there was a gobble right behind me.  It kind of startled me awake.  I had been clucking and purring periodically through the morning and had called to him right after fly down so I guess he finally came to check me out.  Or not.  Who knows?  He stayed just under the lip of the flat I was on continued on his way like he had somewhere to go.  Twice in a row I’ve been foiled by no more than 30 feet.  I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow so this bird gets a break.  I’m going to try to get down once more before the season is over and give him a go.