Turkey Season Rev Up

In some places in the country, spring turkey season has already begun.  For most of us in the northern part of the Appalachian chain, however, we still have a little bit to wait.  Mother Nature still has an icy grip on us here in Pennsylvania but the turkeys are starting to strut and gobble and do what turkeys do, cold weather be damned.  May 3rd can’t come fast enough.  Luckily I’m going to get to exorcise the demons a little early when I head to Kansas April 8th to hunt with my good friend Gene Pearcy at Kansas Whitetail Adventures.

Going through some of my video from last year, I came across the following footage of my dad dropping the hammer on a nice West Virginia longbeard.

These birds were cutting across a little piece of ground we had permission to hunt.  The problem was they stayed on our permitted land for only about 20 minutes every morning.  Our solution was to set up a blind and ambush them when they came across the small field at the edge of the property.  As I was getting the camera set up, they appeared and I had to shoot it off hand.  It’s a little shaky, but my dad threaded the needle and while he didn’t kill the biggest bird in the bunch, he took what he could get when he could get it.  Watching this got me pumped up for a good spring.  Hopefully it did for you too.