There’s More to it Than Just Hearing One Gobble

wild turkey


I love this time of year.  The anticipation that builds up before turkey season is better than Christmas.  I’ve been spending a lot of mornings in the woods the past couple weeks listening for birds and scouting out new hunting spots.  Around here the birds have broken up and I’ve seen several strutters on a few rainy evenings.

There’s more to scouting than just listening for a bird to gobble.  A lot of times, people don’t have a defined focus when they’re scouting for birds.  They go out, hear one gobble, and call it good.  If you want to really get serious about killing turkeys, take a little extra time and listen to what the birds are trying to tell you.

By just sitting in silence, and letting the birds do their thing, you can begin to get a rough idea of what the birds are doing.   If you go back to the same place 3 or 4 mornings, you’ll begin to notice patterns in roosting spots, and then where the birds are going after fly down.  This is valuable data once season opens and can help you formulate a game plan to make more efficient use of your valuable hunting time.

By the time opening day rolls around, you should have a bird or two in mind and a plan to kill them.  By doing your homework and making a plan, you’re maximizing your effort.  Turkeys certainly don’t do what you think they will every time, but knowing what a turkey is likely to do and when he’s going to do it makes it much easier to put a tag on him.