The Past Couple Weeks in Pictures


I’ve been busy the past few weeks and haven’t had much time to post much, but some good stuff has been going on. I finally got my archery buck from 2012 to Nick Krvioniak from Vivid Taxidermy a while back. He turned it around really quickly to use in the West Virginia State Taxidermy competition. The deer was over 300 pounds live weight and was 24 inches behind its ears.

wv buck

It won first place in the commercial division.  This buck was really old and scarred up and the mount has great character.  Thanks Nick, it looks great.

kansas buck

Two weeks ago, my dads Kansas muzzleloader buck from this past September was found.  He made what looked like a good shot and we came close to running the deer down the next day but he got away from us in some thick cedars.  The landowner found him not far from where he gave us the slip.  It’s kind of bittersweet but I’m glad it was finally recovered.

wv rainbow trout

When the snow started to melt a couple weeks ago, I headed down to West Virginia and did some fishing on some high spring creeks.  We had a good time and even caught some fish.  Why anyone would chase a stock truck is beyond me.  Wild trout is where it’s at.

Here’s one of my buddy Aaron Hall with a nice wild West Virginia brown trout.  I couldn’t resist photo bombing him.


benjamin marauder

Here’s a sneak peek of my Benjamin Marauder Project.  I got my stock back and with a little extra color.  Is that Desert Tan?  I’ll have a full writeup done in a few days.


That’s all I’ve got until next time.  And here’s an ar-15 with a fully legal 37mm grenade launcher for no reason at all.  America!