The 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World Kills Record Stag

record stagI was looking at archerytalk the other day and stumbled across a thread that was dragged up from 2013.  A thread about the world record red stag killed by what appears to be The Most Interesting Man in the World’s brother, Carl.

There’s nothing really remarkable about stag.  Even though it is a giant stag and is in its native home range, it is most likely a fenced plantation specimen.  Free range red deer just don’t grow like that.  And any time you see the SCI score on something, it means it was probably shot in a pen.

The best part of the photo is the hunter.  Fur collar, pencil thin mustache, smoking a cigar and 100% not giving a shit what you think.  Style for miles.  Only in Spain.

All jokes aside, lately I’ve been looking at hunts that take place other than North America.  This continent has 29 big game animals and dozens of small game species.  It’s easy to have blinders on and only think about what’s here.  The world is a big place and hunting takes place across seas too.  Whether its Tarh hunting in Iran, or Indian muntjac, also called a barking deer, in Nepal, there’s something really cool about hunting somewhere that isn’t home and chasing animals that aren’t white-tails.  Sure, they’re probably insanely expensive, but to be able to do one exotic / high adventure hunt in a lifetime is a feasible goal.  Maybe some research is in order.