Still Trying

With turkey season wrapping up at the end of next week, I generally spend this time of year resting and recovering from 2 months of craziness.  Getting four or five hours of sleep every night, and then going full throttle all day wears on you.  But I can’t stop yet. Yesterday I took a repeat client, Jon on his second turkey hunt.  We hunted hard and gave it a hero’s effort but by noon, we hadn’t produced anything except for one gobble about 2 counties away.  Deciding to take advantage of the weather, we swapped our camo for waders and hit the trout stream.  Still in turkey country and keeping the shotgun close, we fished a good Fayette County freestone and managed to get into some good fish.  Jon put some good drifts down and was rewarded with the some great fish including an 18 inch male brookie he coaxed out from under a big rock.  I’ve fished this stream for a lot of years and it was the largest fish I’ve seen brought to hand here.  Pretty good stuff.  Some stream side beers capped off a pretty damn fine day, turkey or no turkey.  We will get him next year, Jon, come hell or high water.

Jon with his stud of a brookie

Jon with his stud of a brookie

I’ve got a couple fishing trips to get done and then Tuesday, my buddy Dave from Inside Outdoors TV is coming up to try and smack a late season Pennsylvania gobbler.  I’ve kept really close tabs on the birds and while they just aren’t gobbling much any more,  if Dave can be patient, I think we can probably get one killed.  When we do, you’ll be the first to know.