Secondhand Setter

IMG_20141210_172301_zpsmhri2sqdEver since I got married a little over a year ago, my wife has been on me to get a dog.  She wasn’t particular.  Any old dog would do.  I, however, was a little more discerning.  I wanted a dog that I could upland hunt with and still have a nice house pet for her.  Knowing how lovable English Setters are and their potential for being a great companion at home and in the field, I tasked my wife with finding an setter rescue organization.  We have two tabby cats and while they have their own weird cat idiosyncrasies, they’re mine and I wanted a setter that could live along side them and not eat them.  We found Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue and they provided us with a great dog.  Pete was 9 months old when we got him, was socialized with cats, house trained and crate trained.  He’s a small statured Lemon Belton that came from a foster home in Iowa.

I was slightly worried because he was in a non hunting home and he wasn’t aggressive with cats, that his prey drive might be lacking and he wouldn’t hunt.  A little obedience training and I took him afield.  He hunts.  He has a lot of natural ability and what he lacks, he makes up for by quickly learning.  I’m also using just a check cord when training and no electric collar.  He is almost totally whoa broken which is nice.   He is now almost one year old and only been at it a month or so, but he understands the game and is steady to shot.  Retrieving is coming and we have started work on force retrieving and he is responding well.  Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue does a huge job in giving these setters another chance to have a good life.  I wound up with a great bird dog and my wife got a great pet.