One more hits the dirt in WV…Still trying in Pa

WestVirginiaTurkey10I’ve been a little busy and haven’t updated lately but I’ve yet to kill a turkey in Pennsylvania this year.  More on that later. Down south, our friend Valerie Vaughn who killed her first bird earlier in the season, had one more tag to try and fill. My dad took her to the same place she killed her first bird about a week before. Nothing gobbling until around 10am one fired up fairly close.  They talked to him a little bit and out pops a gobbling jake. Wrong place for him to be. Valerie put a great shot on him and has tagged out for the year.  Job well done!

As far as the Pennsylvania season goes, I think we’re just starting to get into the meat of it. The first week produced some gobbling but no responses. I only have gotten to hunt 2 full days and the rest have been short hunts before work. All the birds I’ve dealt with have had hens and aside from the occasional courtesy gobble, have yet to have one crank up…until yesterday. As well as being a fly fishing guide, the company I work for also offers turkey hunts and yesterday was my first hunt of the season with a paying customer. We didn’t hear a bird until 7:30 out on a point where they’ve been roosted all week.  I did get a bird to respond and slowly he closed the gap.  When he was about 200 yards out a bird gobbled 50 yards behind us.  One had come in silent and then cut loose right on top of us.  We sat tight and let him go away gobbling.  Once I was confident he wouldn’t see us, I was able to get my hunter spun around and facing the right direction. A couple clucks and he thundered back. He offered a split second shot and when he didn’t see that hen, off he went. A couple more gobbles as he went away and that was that. We had everything but the trigger pull. Like it or not, that’s turkey hunting.

I’ve got more hunters this week and hopefully we will be able to get the job done. I might even be able to get out there myself a morning or two. There’s going to be some changes with the blog soon and I’m going to increase my content output. I’ve got some big things in the works. Thanks for reading and stay tuned. Like these Pa turkeys, I’m just getting started.