Muzzleloader Zero

With Kansas early muzzleloader season fast approaching, it was time to check the zero on my muzzleloader.  It hadn’t been shot since last season and has spent the last 9 months gathering dust.  I’m shooting a T/C Encore Pro Hunter for the third year in a row and I’m really pleased with it.

T/C Encore

It’s got a Nikon Omega 3×9 scope locked down with a really cool one piece mount from DeadNutz.  The scope has the bullet drop compensator reticle but to be perfectly honest, this gun shoots so flat, I don’t really use it.  Nice touch though.  The glass is good and clear and it picks up plenty of light at dusk.  The one piece scope mount is machined from aluminum and really tough.  It also really saves on weight.

I’ve experimented with all different types of powder charges and bullet weights.  Last year I spent a lot of time shooting a 200 grain bullet with different grain powder charges hoping to achieve superior accuracy with a lighter bullet that might be more prone to expansion.  Long story short, I could never get consistent groups out of any combo that involved a 200 grain bullet.  I went back to the old standby 250 grain T/C Shockwave with 150 grains of Pyrodex pellets and the results speak for themselves.  That powder bullet combo hits what you point it at. I started with this load in a cold, clean bore at 50 yards.  When the smoke cleared, I was 0.5 inches low and slightly right. I couldn’t remember the last time I shot this rifle but apparently I put it away zeroed.  I moved the target back to 100 yards, loaded another and shot at the same target.  This shot landed .25 inches low and slightly left.

encore target

Satisfied with those two shots I set a target at 150 yards.  The last deer I killed in Kansas was shot at this distance so I know it might be a possibility on this upcoming trip. Centering the main crosshair on the orange dot, the 250 grain bullet hit about 1 .25 inches low and slightly left.  That’s close enough for me.

encore target 2

If I see a buck at 150 yards in a bean field, I feel pretty certain I have a good chance of making a good shot on him.  I might even stretch it out to 200 yards if I can find a spot to do it.   I’ve got my muzzleloading supplies organized and my Kansas bags are packed.  Only 25 days before the season opener and it can’t come soon enough.