MAD MAX Turkey Blind

mad max blindI tend to pack pretty light in the turkey woods, especially back east where the hills can be straight up and down and extra weight is the enemy.  One thing I will carry, however, is the MAD MAX Turkey Blind from Flambeau.  Always before, if I had time, I’d take my pruning shears and cut some small saplings and make  somewhat of a fence in front of me.  It breaks up your outline and if you have to sit a little longer than expected,  you don’t feel nearly as exposed especially when it is early season and there’s not much in the way of foliage.  No more fumbling with clippers and a substandard hide.  The MAD MAX flips out in seconds and provides great cover you need to keep from getting busted.  They’re currently on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $29.99.