Little Call, Big Sound

wilper callWith turkey season fast approaching (32 days until Alabama opens) I got my turkey vest in order.  Over the years, I’ve pared down what I carry to reduce clutter and keep it simple.  One of my favorite calls I own not only takes up little space, it also is one of the sweetest sounding boxes I’ve ever heard.  Made by Wilper Custom Calls out of Missouri, I picked up a the Pocket Rocket at the NWTF show in Nashville a few years ago.  With a cedar box and a purpleheart lid, it flat out sounds amazing.  It has the perfect pitch and the right amount of rasp, with the ability to get loud if it has to.  They’re only $35 on and truth be told, I’d gladly pay $100 for one.  They’re the real deal.  Here are a few birds that this little call has lured to their demise.




wv longbeard

pennsylvania gobbler