Knot Tying 101: The Orvis Knot

Knowing how to tie knots is a pretty important aspect of being a good woodsman.  I love things that are multitaskers and the following knot is useful for in a lot of situations.  Commonly referred to as the Orvis knot, I originally learned this one to tie my fly to the leader.  It is useful in far more situations than that.

20151107_110511_zpspfw9d4kjStart out with the tag on top and the opening of the U facing right.


Bring the tag behind the running line and then bring it up in the front.


Pass the tag through the loop you created from back to front.  You always want to pass the tag toward you.


After the last step you will notice there are now two loops-the one on the left and the one right.  Again, passing the loop from back to front feed the tag through the loop on the right.


Now, hold the loop on the left and pull both the tag and running line tight.


Done.  By pulling the running line, the loop will tighten.  If you pull the tag, the loop will loosen.  Like anything, practice is the key to learning.  This knot is handy as pockets on a shirt.