How To Hang a Lock On Stand Without Killing Yourself

Hanging a lock on tree stand can be downright sketchy.  Testing the effectiveness of my safety harness is not something I feel  like doing so here’s a little trick I use to hang my lock ons.


You will need a 50 foot length of paracord (or a little more than double the height of the stand), a 5 foot length of paracord, and a 2 inch pulley from the hardware store.

Start by tying the pulley to the tree with the short length of paracord.  I use the Orvis knot.  Pass the paracord through the pulley, stuff it in your pocket and climb down.  You can now hoist your stand into position and tie it off.  Now climb back up and get your stand into position.  By using the Orvis knot, you can get the stand straps cinched up almost tight, then loosen up line the pulley is on to get it in final position.

I’m not the most coordinated person in the world and this little trick has saved me a lot of time and a lot of potential tumbles.  Enjoy.