Gear Test: Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pants

mountain khakis

Khaki pants are part of my work uniform and I’m not talking about a pressed pair of Dockers, either.  A good portion of my job includes working on a sporting clays range loading, moving, and servicing the trap machines.  Battery acid holes and grease stains are the norm.  If there’s one thing I’m qualified to tear apart, it’s a good pair of khaki pants.

These pants come in two fits, relaxed and broadway.  I have both and the broadway fits much better.  The relaxed are too baggy.  Maybe for a bigger person they would be ok, but they hang off of me.  They might not be bad in the winter with base layers but on their own, they’re like M.C. Hammer pants.  The broadway fit is where it’s at.

The material is heavy but not heavy enough to be restrictive or uncomfortable.  I have lots of Carhartt stuff but the canvas is just a little to heavy for everyday use, or wearing it without base layers.  The Mountain Khaki fabric is a little softer and a little thinner, but every bit as rugged.  It is a quality item.  The stitching is heavy and after three months of hard use, there are no real signs of wear other than some minor fading.

mk3  One of my favorite thing about the Mountain Khakis is the dual pocket on the right side.  The flat spot on the outer pocket holds a knife clip perfectly and keeps you from scratching the top of your hand every time you dig into your front pocket.  It’s pretty well thought out.

I’ve destroyed just about every pair of khaki pants I’ve worn to work over the past 4 years but so far the Mountain Khakis are holding strong.  They’re comfortable, fit well, and are durable.  While they started as my uniform pants, they’re slowly creeping into my everyday wardrobe.  5 out of 5 stars.  Mountain Khakis are legit.  $84.95