Followup: Burris Speedbead and Fastfire III

speedbead3While I’ve railed against the use of shotgun optics for a long time, I’ve come to realize they do serve a valid purpose in certain situations.  For instance, when patterning different loads, you might find a particular shell patterns very well but the point of impact is not where the bead is being held.  If you’re just using the bead on the barrel, you’re forced to find another load that has a truer point of impact.  The other nice part of having a sight like the FastFire III is your cheek can creep off the stock and you will still hit what you’re holding on.  So ok, I’ll eat my words.  Shotgun optics do have a purpose.

The Good

The sight mount is easy to install.  It is essentially sandwiched between the stock and the receiver.  There are no holes to drill and tap and no find thread screws to cross thread.  The sight itself is easy to use and easy to sight in.  The FastFire III also allows you to change the battery without removing the sight like previous models.  It has several different bead sizes and we found the medium bead was perfect.  The sight has stayed true and hasn’t moved despite our best efforts to dislodge it with 3 1/2 inch magnums.fastfire

The Bad

To start with, it is hard to turn on.  It’s like it almost requires a bit of fingernail to get the switch tripped.  If you bite your nails, you might want to look elsewhere.  It also has an auto setting which isn’t that great.  It senses the amount of ambient light and adjusts accordingly but the dot tends to be big with a halo effect and it is very difficult to draw a fine bead.   So in all, there do exist negatives, but they’re not that big of a deal.

Overall, this rig is a great choice for someone looking to put an optic on their turkey gun.  As tight as turkey guns are shooting now, it really is beneficial to have a tunable point of impact with a super fine bead that is still easy to see.  The sight mount is really forward thinking and is a perfect solution for aluminum receiver shotguns that can’t be drilled and tapped.  The way the sight is positioned, you could also shoot the bead on the barrel if your battery ever died.  Only 242 days until we get to try this thing out on a real bird.  Spring can’t come fast enough.  $287