Fly Fishing Underground

It’s summer, so there’s nothing to hunt.  The weather has been windy and rainy for almost a week so shooting anything is out of the question.  The fishing, however, has never been better.  We’ve got plenty of water, the bugs are doing their thing, and most importantly, the trout are cooperating.  Big smiles from happy clients are the norm right now.  Times are good.

ramkitty3I went to fish yesterday, but everything was blown out from an afternoon storm but I did manage to find a brookie stream high on the mountain that was clear.  I only had my 5 weight but I made due.  I’ve spent a lot of time observing this stream over the past few years and it’s an amazing example of the diverse life supported by a high order spring creek trickle.  I’m pretty sure I saw 4 age classes of brook trout in here.  The stream is very healthy right now.


20150616_140834_zpshwm1cnpqThis is about as big as they get here.  Such a cool little fish.

ramkitty1This is probably the most productive pool in the stream.  It is about thigh deep up at the head and there’s a lot of structure here.   Probably 15 fish call this spot home.


After a couple hundred yards of fishing, I managed to catch a dozen or so brook trout (I probably missed an equal amount) and eventually made it right to the spring head.  It’s pretty cool it bubbles out right here.  I brought a thermometer and the water was a crisp 54 degrees.  I’m going to go explore the lower reaches of this stream tomorrow where the water gets bigger and hopefully so do the fish.