Fishing has been pretty good

I’ve had big plans to do a bunch of stuff and make a bunch of posts, but I’ve been up to my eyes in work and family stuff, so my time has been pretty limited.  This coming week I’m planning on doing lots of stuff with the Benjamin pellet rifles.  I’ve been tinkering with both of them and I think I’ve got the ins and outs of them down.  Time to experiment a little bit.  I’ve got some ballistic gelatin on the way as well that I plan on shooting with a variety of muzzleloading projectiles.  There’s also a new CVA muzzleloader to test and I might blow something up with tannerite too.  So yeah, the next week should be good.  Here’s what I’ve been up to recently…putting clients on fish.

SatisfiedCustomerGuy’s First Tiger Trout

SatisfiedCustomer2This chunky Brown was missing an eye.