First Shots With the CVA Accura MR

With the Kansas early muzzleloader season only 55 days away, my dad decided to test out his new musket.  We’ve always been T/C shooters, and I still am, but last year a friend gave Dad the new CVA Accura.  For full disclosure, the first rifle he was sent didn’t work.  For whatever reason, the hammer wouldn’t strike the 209 primer hard enough for ignition.  CVA’s customer service was pretty spot on though, and replaced the stainless steel rifle he sent back with the blacked out nitride coated version.

CVA Accura MR

Out of the box, I was rather impressed with the fit and finish of the CVA.  It breaks open smoothly and it action locks up tight.  There’s no play or slop in the hinge pin.  The stock is coated with the rubberized Softtouch finish that is the right amount of grippy.  This rifle has a 25 inch fluted Bergara barrel and it is worth noting here that Ed Shilen had a big hand in the design of the barrel for CVA.  Who is Ed Shilen?  Just the best target rifle builder of all time.  He owns 13 world records with guns he built.  Shilen is synonymous with accuracy.

One of the cool things about modern muzzleloaders is a lot of them are made of stainless steel.  The Accura takes it a step further.  It’s a stainless rifle with a nitride coating to inhibit any kind of corrosion.  Is it necessary to coat stainless steel?  Probably not, but it’s black and black rifles look good.

Like most modern inlines, the CVA Accura has a removable breech plug.  It’s big and has a good textured surface very rarely do you need to use the tool to remove it.  That’s handy.  What sets this rifle apart from all the others though, has got to be the trigger.  Out of the box, the trigger breaks at 3 pounds with absolutely zero creep.  It is perfect and really stands out against its competitors.  You want to shoot accurately?  You need a light crisp trigger and the CVA has one.

Using the included DuraSight one piece scope mount, we installed a 3×9 Alpen Apex XP scope and took it to the range.  I know there are a million different powder/bullet combos, but we kept it simple. 150 grains of Pyrodex pellets pushing a 250 grain T/C Shockwave.  The picture below is the target with six shots from 50 yards and they’re numbered.  Shot three is a flyer.

CVA accura targetSo there you have it.  After correcting for being 5 inches right, the Accura shoots great.  Aside from the flier third shot, all others were touching right in the bullseye.  Dad is going to shoot at 100 and 150 later today and see what this thing can really do but so far I think he has a winner.  Great fit and finish and 2 shots to zero it.  No complaints here.  I’m a die hard T/C Encore shooter, but I think I’m ready to toss mine in the weeds and go get a CVA.