DIY Antler Mount for under 15 bucks

Over time, deer antlers can accumulate in corners of rooms, barns, and garages.  Here’s a quick cheap way to display your bucks with a couple things you probably already have in your garage.

1.  Choose your rack.

Kansas Deer Rack


2.  Clean up the skull plate by squaring off the front bottom and back.  If they’re is old dry meat and hair on here, now’s the time to get rid of it.Kansas skull plate


3. Cut a 4 1/4 inch diameter circle out of some 1/4 inch plywood.

Antler plate


4. After drilling some pilot holes in the skull plate, center it on the plywood and anchor it with some 2 inch wood screws.  You’ll want the screw heads flush with the bone.  

Deer Antler 1

5. You’ll need to cut these off on the backside.  A hacksaw works as well as a Dremel with a cutting wheel.  



6. Stick a wad of damp paper towel between the skull plate and plywood.  

deer skull


7.  Use Durhams Water Putty to build up the space between the wood and bone.  This stuff cures pretty quick and is easy to work with.  It’s cheap too.  A 1 pound can is $2.50 from Sears.  

Durhams Water putty


8.  Use a butter knife to build up the putty around the skull plate.  You’re just trying to achieve an even dome shape that covers the skull.  After the putty starts to set, smooth the surface with a wet finger.  Antler mount


9.  After the putty has set, you’ll need to cover it with something.  We’re going to use deer hide here, but any thin, supple leather will work.  Velvet or felt would also work.  Most craft stores carry craft size leather pieces that are 8 1/2 x 11 for 7 or 8 bucks.  Cut your holes and angle the cuts back so the seam will be hidden behind the antler.  Measure the space between the antler burrs and make sure your holes in the leather match. deerhide


10.  After test fitting, you’ll need to glue down the leather.  Nothing works as well for this as hot glue.  Start between the antler burrs and work your way out.  As you go, you can stretch the leather and get it smoothed out as you glue it down.

antler mount4


11. Glue the deer hide all the way down and then zip off the excess with a razor blade.  

antler mount5

12.  A couple 1 inch wood screws will fix the rack to a plaque.  This is a pine plaque from a craft store that cost 3 bucks.  A little bit of wood stain and a finish coat of poly dressed it up nicely.  You can also leave the antlers plain or you can use a leather bootlace to ring the burs.  You can also see from this angle where to hide the seam.  


13.  An added picture hook on the backside of plaque completes the mount.  Hang it up someplace your wife won’t bitch about.   

finished antler mount