Custom Benjamin Marauder Project Complete



It took a little longer than I’d planned, but I got the Marauder buttoned up.  I ended up shooting the stock with a flat PPG auto paint.  It’s plenty durable and took me 15 minutes to do.  I used a friend’s paint booth at his body shop.  You could could also use a rattle can but your results might not be perfect.

custom benjamin marauderThe textured panels retained a lot of their grip.  I was hesitant to use paint, but the hydrographic company wanted to media blast the entire stock first, thus removing everything I just added so auto paint was the way to go.

custom benjamin maruader3I did the barrel shroud and tank in flat tactical gray Duracoat.  I used the original two part formula instead of the premixed aerosol can.  The two part gives you more control over the flatness of the finish.  Less hardener renders a flatter finish which is what I was going for.  The contrast of the metal and stock looks pretty decent.  The rifle was completely disassembled for this step.

custom benjamin marauder

I was hesitant to to use the Duracoat because it isn’t a baked on finish.  I was also worried that the finish would go on thick and not look right.  I’ve seen some high dollar custom Remington 700’s that have been spray painted and they look good from a distance but up close they’re bad.  I didn’t have to worry about that with the Duracoat.  The picture above shows how thin it lays out.  I used 3 very light coats every 15 minutes and didn’t try to achieve full coverage with any of them.  I stopped at 3 because that’s where I happened to achieve it.  The finish is really hard and durable.  I sprayed some test pieces and they’re very scratch resistant.  I would use it again and might do the slide on a Walther P22 I’m rebuilding now.

custom benjamin marauder2

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out.  All totaled, I have $67 and 4.5 hours invested in the project so it’s pretty tough to not be pleased with my return.  It’s got a fresh charge of air and in the next few days I’ll put some rounds though it.  You’ll be the first to know how it does.