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Importance of the Cold Bore Shot

Shooting my bow in the evenings is one of my favorite thing to do this time of year.  It helps get the cobwebs out and puts me in the mind to bow hunt.  It also could go without saying that the practice time is irreplaceable when a shot in the field presents itself.  But am I doing all I can do to maximize my efforts? [Read more…]

Deer Management’s Dark Side

Back in 2011, Bill Winke from Midwest Whitetail wrote a very interesting piece called The Dark Side of Deer Management.  I recently discovered it and found myself nodding my head in agreement almost the whole way through it.  I’ve been a skeptic of new age hunting practices about as long as they’ve been coming out with them and this article makes me feel somewhat vindicated.  A more thorough response the piece has prompted will be forthcoming.  LINK