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My Life As a Turkey

Joe Hutto knows more about the wild turkey than any living person.  That’s because he raised a brood of them from eggs.  He was the the first face they saw upon hatching and imprinted on them.  He lived a year with them.  Every day, he was a turkey.  He wrote a book about his experience called Illumination in the Flatwoods.  PBS did a documentary about it.   The link to the full episode is HERE.


Sometimes You Need Checked

I killed my first turkey when I was seven years old.  Twenty-three years have passed since then and during those years I’ve gotten to experience a lot in the turkey woods.  I’ve had the privilege of being raised by a turkey hunting fanatic and to meet and hunt with some truly fantastic turkey hunters.  When these guys talk, I listen.  I’ve picked up things from them that I’ve used with great success and they’ve helped steepen the turkey hunting learning curve.  I’ve also boogered up more turkeys than I care to admit and had more than a few do things that range from out of the ordinary to downright logic defying.  And I’ve gotten lucky, a lot too. [Read more…]

Done in West Virginia


At least someone (obviously not me) can still get the job done.  Dad punched his second West Virginia turkey tag last week on this dandy Fayette County tom.  I’ve hunted my ass off ever since I’ve got home from out west but I’ve continued to strike out.  I did have a few close calls back home one day I bowhunted (for the record, bowhunting turkeys is stupid), and my buddy Jon Cohen and I came really close on the opening day of Pennsylvania, but that’s about it.  This is my 23rd turkey season and I can confidently say it ranks in the top 3 most difficult years I’ve ever had.  But it isn’t over yet.  I called in reinforcements and Dad arrived here in Pennyslvania.  He came close this morning and I think tomorrow he stands a good chance of knocking one out.  So for those who care, that’s my season at home so far.  We still have more than two weeks to go.  Hopefully we can get a few more killed before quitting time.

Custom Benjamin Marauder Project Complete



It took a little longer than I’d planned, but I got the Marauder buttoned up.  I ended up shooting the stock with a flat PPG auto paint.  It’s plenty durable and took me 15 minutes to do.  I used a friend’s paint booth at his body shop.  You could could also use a rattle can but your results might not be perfect.

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