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Picking a Taxidermist That Doesn’t Suck

bad taxidermy

Imagine the disappointment of picking up your trophy of a lifetime and plunking down your hard earned cash only to take home a mount you aren’t completely satisfied with.  Maybe you’ve felt this before.  I know I have.  It is a terrible feeling and you’re really kind of put in a bad spot.  You can argue with the taxidermist for your money back or a re-mount but your relationship will probably be irreparably damaged and it is probably best to chalk it up to experience and move on.  A few small things to look for in a new taxidermist can save a lot of headache. [Read more…]

Hog Hunting With Elephant Guns

Nothing quite like shooting a hog with a .577 Nitro Express.

Winter Weather Advisory Trout Part 2

wv brown troutI haven’t gotten to do too much lately because of the weather.  All of our streams in SW Pennsylvania are frozen in and the snow is way too deep to try and pheasant hunt.  Back in my home state of West Virginia, however, there is some really good fishing to be had.   [Read more…]