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The Past Couple Weeks in Pictures


I’ve been busy the past few weeks and haven’t had much time to post much, but some good stuff has been going on. I finally got my archery buck from 2012 to Nick Krvioniak from Vivid Taxidermy a while back. He turned it around really quickly to use in the West Virginia State Taxidermy competition. The deer was over 300 pounds live weight and was 24 inches behind its ears. [Read more…]

Printable Turkey Targets



If you need to, and haven’t already, pattern your turkey gun.  I made this target in photoshop this morning because I didn’t have any.  If you need a target, click the image, let the full size image load, then print the page.

Killing Turkeys on Small Plots of Land

turkeyfarmI’ve heard it more times than I care to admit.  “I’d love to turkey hunt that place, but it’s just not big enough.”  Believe it or not, killing turkeys on small patches of ground is not an impossible feat and sometimes it can be downright easy…if you have a solid plan of attack. [Read more…]

MAD MAX Turkey Blind

mad max blindI tend to pack pretty light in the turkey woods, especially back east where the hills can be straight up and down and extra weight is the enemy.  One thing I will carry, however, is the MAD MAX Turkey Blind from [Read more…]

Pigman Shows Off Scary Shooting Skills

Look out Jerry Miculek, Pigman is now the king of pistoliers.  Pigman, who’s real name is Brian Quaca has a show on the Discovery Channel as well as one on the Sportsman Channel which both revolve around, you guessed it, pigs.  I stumbled across this video last night of a hog encounter.  Pleeeaaase Watch it.

Did you see it too?  Am I crazy?  Aside from this guy being a raging dipshit, did you see how he shot that hog?  It looks like he folded it the 3rd or 4th shot, then gave it another 6 or 7  while facing his camera man at what couldn’t be more than a few feet.  That’s not safe, kids.  Then after he’s reliving the harrowing experience he points the gun (which is unloaded, but still) at his own head while talking with his hands.

pigman retard


Maybe I’m just being a stick in the mud, but I don’t really think that was the most safe way to be handling a firearm.  But whatever, maybe I just don’t know how to have a good time.  What do you think?

26 Turkey Kills in 2 Minutes


Beating Cabin Fever: Winter Turkey Scouting

turkey tracks

Old man winter hasn’t quite let up on us here in western Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in the house.  Late February and early March happen to be my favorite time of the year to get in the woods and scout for turkeys.  As long as there isn’t snow blowing sideways, I’m outside. [Read more…]

8 Days Until Feathers Fly

takenI saw this on Facebook today and it reminded me that I leave for Alabama in 6 days and season starts in 8.  It can’t come fast enough.


New Fly Tying Video

My good friend Jared Plisko over at just uploaded his ice minnow tying video. Jared is a very talented fly tier and his videos never disappoint.  Bang up job, J-Rod.

Darwin Award Candidate of the Year

Watching this video makes my skin crawl.  I thought about this once a few years ago and after a little rough math in my head I realized that yes, this was physically possible.  Not once did it cross my mind to try it.  This guy was a mouse fart away from disaster.