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Recommended Reading: Tenth Legion by Tom Kelly

tenthlegionTurkey season is closing in fast and one good way to help pass the time between now and then is to read Tom Kelly’s classic, Tenth Legion.  It’s hands down the best book ever written on turkey hunting. [Read more…]

Custom Benjamin Marauder Project Part 1

After almost a year of shooting the Benjamin Marauder, I decided mine was due for a makeover.  Nothing crazy, just simple, functional, and relatively inexpensive.

benjamin marauder

[Read more…]

I Fish WV

fish wvHere’s your chance to show your West Virginia pride.  I FISH WV Tees.


Little Call, Big Sound

wilper callWith turkey season fast approaching (32 days until Alabama opens) I got my turkey vest in order.  Over the years, I’ve pared down what I carry to reduce clutter and keep it simple.  One of my favorite calls I own not only takes up little space, it also is one of the sweetest sounding boxes I’ve ever heard.   [Read more…]

Public Service Announcement

public service

Mathews No Cam HTR Review


Although it was released in November, I’m just now getting to shoot the Mathews No Cam HTR.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect, other than the No Cam was probably going to be a bit different from anything I had shot before.  It is, and much more. [Read more…]

Red-Headed Stepchild: The Browning A500

red browning buckhead

Over the years, Browning has produced some memorable shotguns like the legendary A5 and the unparalleled Superposed over under.  It has also produced some less than memorable offerings like the B2000 and much loathed A500.

Built in the early 80’s, the A500 was introduced as a short recoil auto loader that could cycle both 2 3/4 and 3 inch rounds which was something the A5 could not do without changing friction rings.  From 1987 to 1992, the gun was offered in two separate types: the A500G which was gas operated and the the short recoiling A500R.

I’ve been a proud A500R owner since 2000 when my dad traded some old dog kennels for the showroom condition Browning with a 28 inch Invector choked barrel.  His intention was to put together a turkey gun for me so he sent it to Jim Crumley [Read more…]