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Holiday Gift Guide Day 7

Badlands Monster Pack

badlandsNeed something to tote all your stuff into the woods?  The Badlands Monster 1100 cubic inch fanny pack leaves all of its competitors in the dust.  With a Delron internal frame, the Monster can carry a lot of stuff as well as a 35 oz. bladder (not included) to keep you hydrated.  Made to go the distance on rugged western hunts, you can’t go wrong with the Badlands Monster pack.  $139.95


Holiday Gift Guide Day 6

Benjamin Trail NP2

Benjamin Trail NP2There is no excuse to be without a good air rifle.  From teaching a young person marksmanship and gun safety, to having a reliable truck gun that will always go “bang,” they’re kind of indispensable.  They’re also very effective small game weapons and can provide endless hours of enjoyment.  The Benjamin Trail NP2 from Crosman is a perfect addition for anyone looking for a good general purpose air rifle.  Exceptionally accurate and easy to shoot, the NP2 does it all.  Available in black synthetic or wood, and .177 or .22 caliber.  $299.00


Holiday Gift Guide Day 5

KUIU Ultra Merino Bottoms




Founded by one of the original co-founders of Sitka Gear, KUIU is one of the coolest up and coming hunting gear manufacturers out there.  They provide a great product and keep the costs low by selling direct.  Solid base layers are a must and the KUIU Merino Wool bottoms are a great addition to any gear collection.  $89.99

Holiday Gift Guide Day 4

Havalon Piranta

Havalon PirantaIt’s no real secret that I’m a huge fan of the Havalon Piranta.  It’s a simple folder that utilizes scalpel blades and makes dull knives a thing of the past.  Rugged and durable, the Havalon makes caping a deer head or quartering an elk light work.  The orange handle also makes it impossible to lose.  Throw all those knife sharpeners in the trash and get yourself a Havalon Piranta.  $46.99


Holiday Gift Guide Day 3

Alpen Optics XP

binosThe only thing more sure than death and taxes is that quality optics aren’t cheap.  That is until Alpen came along.  The Apex line from Alpen provides top quality glass without top quality prices.  I’ve used the Alpen XP model 699 12×50 for two seasons and am greatly impressed.  These things are bomb proof.  And just in case you’re harder on gear than I am, Alpen offers an unconditional no questions asked, no fault warranty.  Its definitely a champagne product on a Busch Light budget.  $643.00 but if you buy online they’re $396.00 which is an absolute steal.


Holiday Gift Guide Day 2

Glenn’s Deer Handle

deer handle

Dragging a deer can be a real pain.  You’re always looking for that right size stick to tie your drag rope off on.  Sometimes its too big, too small, or too rotten.  Then your drag top will spin on the stick causing you more headache than you need.  Glenn’s deer handle solves the problem quite well.  Loop the rope around the antlers or neck of your kill and drag away.  It’s great product that serves a valid function.  $12.99

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1

It should be easy buying for the hunters or fishermen in your life, but a lot of the time, it can be quite difficult.  With all the hunting and fishing gadgetry on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Allow me to make it a little easier.

Smartwool Medium Crew Hunting Socks 

socksLieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump only had two rules.  Rule one was take good care of your feet.  Rule two was don’t do anything stupid like getting yourself killed.  Yeah, it’s that important.  Many people go afield with terrible socks and they pay dearly in discomfort.  I’ve worn Smartwool socks for years and they’re the real deal.  Made of a Merino wool and Nylon blend, they wick moisture away from the foot and keep you warmer and the wool also keeps most of its insulating properties even if it does get wet.  The Nylon also cuts out the itch factor and makes sock liners unnecessary.  Smartwool makes a damn tough sock that’s hard to wear out and the best part is they’re American made.  $18.95