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Dry Aging Venison

deer tenderloinThere is no shortage of opinions when it comes to the amount of time to “let a deer hang.”  Talk to enough people and you’ll hear a myriad of half truths and outright falsehoods.  Some people don’t age venison at all (which is a giant mistake) and some people do it completely incorrectly.  Here is what dry aging is, what it does, and how I did it. [Read more…]

Holiday Gift Guide Day 15

MagLite ML300LX

liteNo hunter should be without a a good light.  MagLite has been in the business for 35 years and makes one of the best lights in the business.  Gone are the days of trying to track a deer with a dim bulb.  The ML300LX has a super bright adjustable (both beam width and brightness) LED head that puts out a whopping 625 Lumens with a range of over 400 meters.  Built out of aluminum and made to last.  $84.00


Pellet Rifle Squirrel Hunting

What do you do when you’re waiting for late archery season to come in?  Take your Crosman airgun squirrel hunting.


Holiday Gift Guide Day 14

Buck PakLite Field Master Knives

buckyToday is the next to last installment of the Holiday Gift Guide.  I figure if you can’t get the job done by tomorrow, I can’t help you.  Today’s item is a damn fine addition for the hunter who butchers their own game.  I know my shameless affinity for the Havalon Piranta is undeniable but it just isn’t suited for everything.  The knives in the PakLite line hold a razors edge and the blade shape makes them ideal for skinning.  $89.00


Holiday Gift Guide Day 13

The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark

old man and the boyAnyone who hunts or fishes needs to read this book.  Written by the legendary professional hunter Robert Ruark, the book loosely chronicles his childhood hunting and fishing experiences with his grandfather and how they shaped his life in the field and outside of it as well.  It is an absolute must read.  $15.07


Holiday Gift Guide Day 12

Danner Elk Hunter 8″

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 7.10.21 AMA good, durable all purpose boot that won’t come apart after one year is pretty hard to find.  Look no farther than the Danner Elk Hunter 8″.  Available in 400 gram insulated, or uninsulated, these things are rugged and extremely durable.  And best of all, they’re American made.  $260



Holiday Gift Guide Day 11

Yeti Rambler 20


While I’m still not ready to throw down several hundred dollars on a cooler, I will gladly spend thirty bucks on the best hot/cold cup ever produced.  I’ve personally had one of these cups hold ice all day in June.  All.  Damn.  Day.  It’s the last travel cup you will every buy.  $29.99


Holiday Gift Guide Day 10

Muck Arctic Pro

muckymuckyEverybody needs a good pair of rubber boots.  The Muck Arctic Pro fits the bill just fine.  They have 8mm neoprene uppers and are fleece lined to keep your barking dogs warm on the coldest of days.  They have a fairly aggressive sole and they’re built to last.  $169.95

Holiday Gift Guide Day 9

Hooyman Tree Saw

treesawThe Hooyman Tree saw is built in a similar way to an old Gerber saw but it comes with an extender that lets it get up to five feet long.  It is a handy must have piece of gear that packs down to just a shade over 12 inches.  Makes light work of saplings and underbrush and keeps your shooting lanes unobstructed.  $59.99

Holiday Gift Guide Day 8

Sagen Saw

sawEveryone knows the real work starts when the game hits the ground.  Splitting the pelvis on a deer, while not necessary, makes field dressing incredibly easier.  The Sagen saw saves the headache of having to use a hatchet or big saw to get the job done.  Easy to pack and it’s designed to not puncture that gross stuff lurking under the bone the Sagen Saw is worth its weight in gold.  $27.50