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WV Legislature calls for DNR Chief’s head.


Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer Free Press


From the rumblings I’ve heard, this has been a long time coming.  

CHARLESTON, W.Va.– The head of West Virginia’s Division of Natural Resources is under fire.Lawmakers in the state Senate and House of Delegates have asked Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to fire DNR director Frank Jezioro.

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Bomb Proof: The Pelican 1750

I’ve always been a firm believer that nothing is ever truly tested until it’s had the hell beaten out of it.  Consider this case tested.  Several seasons ago, I was in the market for a new travel gun case.  My dad had the SKB double rifle case and was pretty pleased with it.  It is one of the more popular cases on the market and  I almost got the same thing before I stumbled on the Pelican 1750.


I’ve used Pelican boxes for years for keeping my camera and phone dry in my kayak.  I had never had issues with them and  figured if I could trust them to keep my expensive electronics safe, I could trust them with my guns.

The 1750 comes with three pieces of foam.  The lid is lined with a 1.5″ thick piece and the bottom is lined with two pieces also, 1.5″ thick.

At 50.50″ x 13.50″ x 5.25″ it can hold two guns or a bow with one layer of bottom foam removed.  The charging handles on my shotguns and the sight and rest on my bow are pressed into the upper layer of foam just enough to keep stuff from moving.

Although not necessary for most shotgun applications, you can lock your payload down pretty easily by carving out the top layer of foam.  Use a grease pencil to trace the outline of the shotgun or rifle and cut it out using the long blade out of a carpenters knife.  Just for grins, I did this with my turkey gun.

After tracing the outline with a grease pencil, cut it out.

After tracing the outline with a grease pencil, cut it out.

Nice and snug.

Nice and snug.

You can get replacement foam on the internet for about 20 bucks a sheet so you can do multiple guns for the same case. I’ve got one cut for my muzzleoader as well as my deer rifle and every time, they’ve held their zero after multiple flights.  After using the 1750 for about 3 years, I can think of no negatives other than there not being an integral locking system.  I solved the problem using some TSA approved locks from Wal Mart that were around $15.

3 seasons of hard travel and she's still ticking.

3 seasons of hard travel and she’s still ticking.

Pelican has been in the protective case market for a long time.  They know their stuff.  While this isn’t meant to be a comparison between the SKB case and the Pelican, I’ve been able to see how they’ve held up head to head.  My dads case feels a little more flimsy on the lid, the hinges are kinda floppy, and his case is missing both it’s wheels.  The Pelican, however, is unscathed.  Anecodotal evidence, yeah, but I think I made the better choice.

Enjoy dragging that through the airport.

Enjoy dragging that through the airport.




Turkey Season Rev Up

In some places in the country, spring turkey season has already begun.  For most of us in the northern part of the Appalachian chain, however, we still have a little bit to wait.  Mother Nature still has an icy grip on us here in Pennsylvania but the turkeys are starting to strut and gobble and do what turkeys do, cold weather be damned.  May 3rd can’t come fast enough.  Luckily I’m going to get to exorcise the demons a little early when I head to Kansas April 8th to hunt with my good friend Gene Pearcy at Kansas Whitetail Adventures.

Going through some of my video from last year, I came across the following footage of my dad dropping the hammer on a nice West Virginia longbeard.

These birds were cutting across a little piece of ground we had permission to hunt.  The problem was they stayed on our permitted land for only about 20 minutes every morning.  Our solution was to set up a blind and ambush them when they came across the small field at the edge of the property.  As I was getting the camera set up, they appeared and I had to shoot it off hand.  It’s a little shaky, but my dad threaded the needle and while he didn’t kill the biggest bird in the bunch, he took what he could get when he could get it.  Watching this got me pumped up for a good spring.  Hopefully it did for you too.