10 Year Old Girl Finds Extinct Eastern Elk Skeleton in Michigan


Sophia Daniels Moehle with the antlers and bones she found canoeing on Easter in Benzie County Michigan. /Keith King/The Record-Eagle/AP

Almost everyone who hunts is aware of the the huntable populations of Elk in Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  What you might not realize is these elk are the Rocky Mountain Elk subspecies that was used to replace the extinct Eastern Elk.  The last Eastern Elk (which was its own subspecies) was killed in Pennsylvania in 1877 and they were officially declared extinct in 1880.  On Easter of this year, Sonja Daniels Moehle was canoeing with her dad in Benzie County Michigan when she spotted something poking out of the water.  They had stumbled onto the remains of what could be an Eastern Elk that was entombed in the mud for up to 300 years.  They’ve successfully raised $5,996 on Kickstarter to definitively prove the elks origins via DNA testing.  LINK (via: Detroit Free Press)